This angel was designed in memory of Grandma Flores, whose granddaughter wrote, "My Grandma just recently passed on November 30, 2005. She is a Special Shining Star for all her sons and daughters and grandchildren.  We really miss her - she was an incredible hard working woman, and I loved to go and visit her.  My grandma had a big heart and no one would leave her home without eating or with a big smile on their face.  She was a perfect woman and she taught us all to always be their for each other and to love and keep the unity between our family.  She passed away at home and she was 92 years old.

The night my Grandma passed away she shed two tears and those tears were for us as a family to keep the unity and love in our family forever.  She loved to work out in the garden and she loved Beautiful Red Roses. 

The Grandma angel is about 2 inches tall and features a big gold heart that will be engraved "Grandma", a beautiful red rose and a shining star on her wing.

Grandma Flores
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